The THE AFRICA FASHION EXCHANGE is a market intelligence, thought-leadership, business exchange and market access platform program driven by the KwaZulu-Natal Fashion Council. It is key to the survival of the Fashion Industry in the Province, the country and the continent. It is envisaged to solve the most inherent challenge of the industry, with most of South African and African designers not getting the necessary exposure and platforms to market their products, exchange business ideas and set the agenda for the fashion sector in sub-Saharan Africa. This has resulted in African designers being less competitive to designers found in Europe, Asia and, and hence contributing to the decline of the Industry.


  • To serve as a vehicle to enhance the ability of the sector to become globally competitive.
  • To serve as a vehicle for African and Africa-facing value chain integration.
    To provide KwaZulu-Natal, South African and African designers with a platform to boost their business and brand labels to gain access to national, continental and international markets.
  • To provide an arena that is conducive for business to business meetings, networking opportunities and linkages with retailers and buyers to increase domestic and continental market share.
  • To open opportunities for mentorships, collaboration and business opportunities for participating designers.
  • To enhance the tourism and creative calendar for the province further contributing to job creation.
  • To identify KZN and South Africa’s top new and emerging talent and to nurture new and young design talent into world class brands that have the capability of competing nationally and globally.
  • To create opportunities for other industries directly or indirectly linked to the fashion industry.
  • To showcase design and creative arts within the province.
  • To forge business relations between macro and small businesses within KZN, South Africa and Africa.
  • Boost local trade and promotion of proudly SA products.