Creative Director – Ikojn

Kenyan Christine Njoki is the creative director of Ikojn. The 26 year old fashionista is a graduate of Mcensel School of Fashion.

The fashion brand Ikojn, is the complete epitome of sensual femininity and ladylike strength. It focuses on making the wearer feel soft and strong at the same time and remains youthful with a playful twist to classics.

Ikojn was established a little over a year ago and has made great strides in the African fashion industry.

Aside from dressing leading fashion personalities, Ikojn is also stocked at several fashion retailers and was recently named ‘top 10 emerging brands in Africa’ in 2016.

The brand plans on telling cultural tales through design to the world in the form of impeccable construction and manicured tailoring. All the while building the continent and its fashion industry.

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