Drive Fashion

Senzo Ngcamu was born in Enkomeni, located in the heart of Kwamakhutha Township.  Being born into a large family, Senzo grew up with his three brothers and three sisters. A banded by his father at an early age, Senzo’s mother played a vital role as both mother and father in the caring and up bring of him and his siblings.

After Senzo graduated from high school he studied fashion design for one year. He was unable to further his studies due to a lack of funding but this did not stop Senzo from wanting to continue a career as a fashion designer. He read books about fashion and practice drawings, pattern making and garment construction. Senzo’s self- motivation, determination and passion for fashion have helped him overcome challenges he has faced before creating Drive Fashions in 2007.

Senzo is a highly skilled, versatile and creative fashion designer with eight years experience in the fashion industry. His skills and wide-ranging expertise in garment construction, pattern making, technical drawings, and showcasing are what makes Drive Fashions a household and recognizable fashion label. Senzo’s future objective is to develop himself as an entrepreneur and to make the move into social development projects.

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