Shauna NiellAfter 6 years trading under the name Blossom Handmade, we launched our new brand identity, Shauna Neill, to take us into a new era in order to build on the unique dynamic between our handmade products and the South African design landscape.

The Shauna Neill brand ethos is deeply rooted in the desire to create pieces which appeal to the contemporary  woman, wanting something unique and considered, which not everyone else is wearing.

The new name clearly identifies founder, Shauna Neill, as the creative force behind all of our products. Well-known brands, Blossom Handmade and Ring Ring Bling still form part of the umbrella brand, with the addition of  new collections and seasonal ranges throughout the year.

Stocked in various stores around South Africa, as well as internationally in Sydney, Perth, London, Namibia, Abu Dhabi, Reunion and France. All of our products are handmade in Durban, South Africa by a small team of previously unemployed ladies, using locally produced materials.

Click here to download the view Shauna Neill’s work.