Real Simple DenimWe are  Real + Simple. We are a sustainable denim lifestyle brand based in Cape Town South Africa.
Real + Simple is not only our name but the ethos behind everything we do.
Our focus lies on producing superior denim products, ethically in Cape Town, by skilled local craftsmen. All our core jeans are raw selvedge and made in limited quantities, allowing for impeccable attention to detail.
We want to create a sustainable footprint and empower a local industry that know how to make a great Product.
We are denim heads, our passion is denim, and our story is your journey with your very own Real + Simple denim jeans.
Get to know us:
1.       What made you want to become a fashion designer? We are not your stereotypical designers; we are denim heads and our love for all things Indigo which brought us to this point!
2.      What style are you best known for? For example: tailored, tribal prints…  Denim
3.      Best career moment so far?   Being able to create world class denim products Locally!
4.      Any advice for tomorrow’s young designers? head down, work hard, give back where you can.
5.      What item of apparel would you never go on holiday without? Pair of jeans
6.      What corner of SA most oozes style, in your eyes? Everywhere in South Africa is unique, it all oozes style, thats what makes it so great to live here.
7.      Where else in the world would you want to live? Would love to rotate summers  between London amsterdam and cape town.
8.      Most stylish local or international celeb in your eyes? Really don’t know… Bunch of really cool cats around… As long as someone is comfortable in what they wear, thats the ultimate for us… Gotta look natural, and you can pull anything off…
9.      And who urgently needs a fashion make-over?Don’t want to get involved in that one! haha!
10.   Favourite fabrics to work with?  denim or anything indigo based
11.    Where do you find daily inspiration? Hate to sound cleche’ but we find inspiration everywhere, happy inspiring people, art, design, technology and of course new fabrics
12.   What ‘holic’ are you? For example – workaholic, chocaholic? We are definitely Jean-a-holics and I suppose as when running your own business you can’t help to be a work-a-holic, great ideas never keep business hours and we are always thinking of ways to better what we are doing.
13.   What are you most afraid of?
14.   How much is a litre of milk? Round about 10 bucks,depending where you shop.
15.   What’s the next big thing in fashion? The way that technology and fashion are becoming more and more entwined, really anything can almost be done nowadays!

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this – we really appreciate it and look forward to showcasing your brand even further.

Name of Brand & Designer/s: Real + Simple Denim Brad Conlong and Steven Jossel.
First choice for: Locally made Premium Denim Products
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